Explore New Heights in the Forbidden Monuments: “Smalland: Survive the Wilds” Introduces Flying, Levelling Systems, Brand New Mount, Armour and More in 2nd Early Access Content Update!


A massive adventure for such small-folk…

Manchester, UK – 20th July 2023 – Today Merge Games are thrilled to launch the second content update for Early Access multiplayer survival game Smalland: Survive the Wilds! The latest update invites players to explore the new Forbidden Monuments biome, as well as the introduces the territorial Blue Tit bird. The colourful garden favourite turns terrifying threat when you’re snack-sized Smallfolk. But for the bravest players who may earn the right to tame and mount this blue beast, the sky is the limit. 

Alongside the bird, players can discover a new armour set with unique abilities, grow their skills with the long-awaited player and creature levelling system, battle a stinky new insect enemy, arm themselves with the game’s first AOE grenade weapon, meet a new NPC as part of the ongoing narrative and much more.  

Developed and published in-house, Smalland: Survive the Wilds launched via Steam and Epic back in March, hitting a peak of over 52k daily players in launch week and garnering over 1.7 million Twitch watch hours to date.  

From today, ‘Smalland: Survive the Wilds’ will be available for 25% off on Steam to celebrate the Forbidden Monuments content update. New players can grab the game on discount until 27th July! 

Welcome to the Forbidden Monuments, a relic of the Giants’ once sacred and mysterious kingdom. 

The latest content update will add a player and creature levelling system, allowing players to exchange experience collected from battles, resource gathering and key story quests for improvements to key stats.  

Players can improve their Smallfolk up to level 100 with increased Health, Speed, Damage and Stamina, while mounts and tamed creatures will earn experience while following their master and can level up 10 times.

Meet new creatures including birds, stink bugs and Aether tribe – an outcast faction of enemy Smallfolk.  

The Blue Tit is an imposing enemy that once tamed allows players to explore the true scale of the colossal Overland with the power of full 3D free-roaming flight.  

But your latest mount is only one way to fly – the new five-piece Icarus armour set allows players to craft feathered wings, granting short range flight and a unique Air Dash ability. 

New resources can also be discovered and harvested from within the Forbidden Monuments. 

From plant life to creatures and inhabitants, players will be able to craft a variety of new weapons, tools, food items and more. 

Discover stink grenades, great axes, hammers, new food and fine leather, with tons for players to unearth. 

Forbidden Monuments Key Features: 

  • Explore the ruins of the Giants in the new Forbidden Monuments biome 
  • Meet Malik, a mysterious new merchant who specialises in all things ornithological Introducing new enemies including the blue tit, stinkbug, and Aether tribe 
  • Blue tit may be used as a mount with full 3D free-roaming flight 
  • Brand new levelling system, allowing players to gather experience from collecting resources, combat, and story quest events to build characters up to lvl 100 and creatures up to lvl 10

  • Shape the development of your character and creatures through assigning stat points to 4 key attributes – Health, Speed, Stamina and Damage
  • Icarus armour set, unlocking a fifth character equipment slot and introducing Wings with the unique Air Dash ability
  • New weapons including the Aetherin Hammer, Aetherin Great Axe, Icarus Arrow and Stink Bomb
  • New building materials including children’s building blocks and chess pieces
  • Updates to existing mounts add the ability to jump and attack, as well as improved abilities including Grasshoppers charged jumps and Ladybird storage when instructed to leave party
  • New resources to be scavenged and collected including Blue Tit Egg, Stink Gland, Reishi Mushroom, Mushroom Leather, and Feather
  • Eagle snatch now has a warning radius to alert the player to the danger 


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