Trepang Studio’s brutal story of an enhanced soldier’s revenge is heading to PC in 2022 courtesy of Team17’s indie games label.

Friday, 27th August 2021 – Team17 and Trepang Studios have announced fast-paced, supernatural first-person shooter, Trepang2. Currently in development for Steam for PC and scheduled for launch in 2022, Trepang2 follows an enhanced soldier newly broken out from a heavily-guarded blacksite on a mission of revenge… and hunted by an even greater threat. Found to have lost all memory of their past life, but imbued with superior combat abilities, strength, and stealth, Trepang2 unravels their story through a bullet-laden and bloodthirsty single-player campaign. 

Experience the power of [REDACTED]: 

Trepang2 key features include:

  • An over-the-top solo experience: Dive into a frenetic and brutal campaign filled with rapid gunfights and close quarters melee combat
  • Become enhanced: Master supernatural powers of time slowdown, cloaking, superhuman speed and strength to overcome waves of blacksite military
  • Additional modes: Away from the storyline, take part in a series of instant action modes, including horde defense and more

Trepang2 is available now to wishlist on Steam. To keep up to date with all the information on Trepang2subscribe to the official Trepang2 YouTube channel, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join us on the official Trepang2 Discord.

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