Kainga: Seeds of Civilization Launches Today on Steam Early Access

    Create unique cultures in a world full of mystery with this fascinating new roguelite village-builder 

    London, United Kingdom, 11th November, 2021. Green Man Gaming Publishing and solo developer, Erik Rempen are thrilled to announce that Kainga: Seeds of Civilizationthe wonderful new roguelite village-builder, will make it’s Steam Early Access debut today. 

    Kainga: Seeds of Civilization takes players on a wonderful journey as they strive to create flourishing new cultures while adapting to the procedurally generated environment. Making the right choices could mean the difference between a happy and thriving village or the destruction of their new civilization. 

    The Early Access release launch of Kainga: Seeds of Civilization Early sees the addition of more exciting new content including: 

    • New playable region, the archipelagos known as “The Pebbles”
    • 2 New leviathan class beasts, the Nautalisk, and the Icebreaker
    • The addition of boats, aquatic combat and raids
    • Another 35 new technologies to unlock, now over 140 in total
    • New quest systems, linking multiple missions for a greater reward
    • The removal of the technology tree and resource claiming from the UI and added them into the world for a more diegetic experience

    Kainga: Seeds of Civilization will continue to evolve with new content updates being added throughout the Early Access launch phase. A road map highlighting some of these updates can be found on the Steam page here

    Check out the new Early Access launch trailer for Kainga: Seeds of Civilization here

    Download the press kit with new screenshots here 

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