Slitherine’s 2022 Home of Wargamers event reveals two never-before-seen titles


The award-winning publisher also unveiled new gameplay for Stargate: Timekeepers, Starship Troopers: Terran Command, and Master of Magic.

Epsom, United Kingdom, May 10th – During its latest Home of Wargamers showcase, Slitherine Software bolstered its roster of upcoming titles by revealing two exciting new strategy games. The UK-based publisher, which recently won ‘Indie Publisher of the Year’ at the MCV/Develop Awards, also treated fans to a more in-depth look at upcoming titles Stargate: Timekeepers, Starship Troopers: Terran Command, and Master of Magic.

“We dedicated our recent MCV/Develop Indie Publisher Award to our developers. Their invaluable creative work stands alongside our mission to serve the strategy games genre in all its facets and to keep attracting new fans to the niche. Home of Wargamers is a celebration of their creative effort as we keep looking at innovative ways to present our games to the community”, said Marco Minoli, Marketing Director at Slitherine.

A full list of titles showcased during the Home of Wargamers Live event can be found below and accompanying assets can be found here.

New Un-Announced Games

Ancient Arenas: Chariots

Out: Coming soon

Centred around one of ancient Rome’s most gruelling and dangerous sports, Ancient Arenas: Chariots is a chariot racing simulator that is coming soon to PC. Acting as a spiritual successor to 2014’s Qvadriga, the turn-based game sees players upgrade their chariots, train their horses, and ask favours from the gods for the best chance at victory.

Ancient Arenas: Chariots Steam Page 

A new teaser trailer can be viewed here.

Field of Glory: Kingdoms

Out: Coming soon

Field of Glory: Kingdoms, the latest title from award-winning studio AGEOD, unfolds just after the Great Schism in 1054, and encompasses more than two centuries of epic European, African, and Middle Eastern history. Acting as an all-powerful ruler, players here can engage in high-octane battles using the FOG Medieval turn-based system.

Field of Glory: Kingdoms Steam Page

A new trailer can be viewed here.

Games Already Announced

Master of Magic

Out: 2022

Kicking off a thrilling series of announcements for previously revealed titles was Master of Magic, a faithful remake of the 1994 classic that helped to define the 4X strategy genre. The Home of Wargamers event was the first time the game was shown in its entirety and footage was revealed of its available wizards, city management, and turn-based battles.

Master of Magic Steam Page 

Starship Troopers: Terran Command

Out: June 16, 2022

New gameplay footage was also revealed of Slitherine’s soon-to-be-released sci-fi RTS, Starship Troopers: Terran Command. Here fans were treated to a glimpse of Perimeter – a mission present at the conclusion of act three. Additionally, some never-before-seen units belonging to both the Federation and Arachnids factions were shown.

Starship Troopers: Terran Command Steam Page

Stargate: Timekeepers

Out: Coming soon

‘In Plain Site’, a new mission from the story-driven Stargate: Timekeepers, was unveiled for the first time. In the mission, a sacrifice ritual is about to begin. The Technical Officer Sam Watson and the sniper Max Bolton get inside the Jaffa village undercover to try and stop the ceremony.

Stargate: Timekeepers Steam Page


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