The Rejuvenation Begins Now: ‘Fresh Start’ Heads to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation® 5 and Xbox Series X|S!

Everything and everyone deserves a Fresh Start!

Manchester, UK – 4th July, 2023 – Merge Games and Awaken Realms are pleased to reveal relaxing deep clean adventure ‘Fresh Start’ will be heading to consoles for the first time! Coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later this year, embark on a mission to clean up the world and restore nature to its fresh and colourful state. 

Physical versions of ‘Fresh Start’ will also be available for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5! Available at all good retailers across Europe and North America, players can pre-order now from Signature Edition Games

A wonderful machine has been put into your hands – a combination of a vacuum cleaner and a watering hose!  

While traveling the world, you’ll be able to wash away and vacuum up piles of junk and filth to restore nature in all its glory.

Everything you collect can be recycled into valuable experience points, which can be put to good use to make your work more efficient with a variety of upgrades in the skill shop! 

Bring dry and dead plants back to life and spray the ones that are just sprouting to help them bloom in full force! 

As you travel around the world you’re going to meet some cute, unique friends in need!  

Use your skills to bring comfort and happiness back into their lives and you will quickly gain their gratitude and friendship. 

Key Features:

  • Single player deep clean adventure restoring the planet to its natural beauty 
  • Gather and recycle garbage to clean up the environment 
  • Water dried up plants and bring back the beauty of the landscape 
  • Grow your skills by earning experience to upgrade your tools 
  • Search for mysterious items and solve puzzles 

‘Fresh Start’ is coming to all major consoles courtesy of Merge Games in partnership with Awaken Realms. The game is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later this year. Fans can pre-order physical versions for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 on Signature Edition Games

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