Put the pedal to the metal in this new action-roguelite with a vehicular twist

Falling State Inc., Salt Lake City — January 16,  2024 | With the first Steam Next Fest of 2024 rapidly approaching, Earl vs. the Mutants is revving up for its grisly playable debut. That’s right! On January 18, developer Falling State Inc. will be launching a demo for their new action roguelite. Steering the popular genre in a bold, blood-spattered direction, Earl vs. the Mutants swaps dusty dungeon-crawling for a rampaging road trip through infested wastelands.Players can trade in those swords and spells for one of the many unique vehicles they’ll commandeer through a post-apocalyptic world overrun by menacing mutant hordes. With a more destructive, confrontational style of gameplay, players can plow their post-apocalyptic death machines through encroaching enemies for maximum carnage.

Designed for short bursts of heart-pounding, high-octane action, each run will help enhance the next as players continue to unlock a gnarly arsenal of modifications for their vehicles, allowing them to channel their inner Road Warrior as they tear through the wasteland, hunting down powerful mutant bosses, and experimenting with badass custom builds.“We’ve been longtime fans of action-roguelites, and lately we’ve gotten into the growing trend of ‘survivorlikes’,” said Colter Haycock, CEO and co-founder of Falling State Inc.. “With Earl vs. the Mutants, we wanted to shake things up by introducing high-speed player movement and encouraging the player to ram into enemies instead of constantly dodging. We think we’ve found the perfect balance, staying true to what we think makes these games fun, and at the same time, putting our own spin on things.” 

You can stay up to date with Earl vs. the Mutants by following its development on X and YouTube, as well as the official websites for the game and its developers, Falling State Inc.



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